Woodward West

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the first AIL of 2010. 100 competitors came out to skate and compete at Woodward West. The camaraderie was amazing and the level of skating was outstanding. Huge Tricks were being laid down everywhere.We would also like to acknowledge our younger skaters who came out & skated hard. Tracy White’’s boys from Boys & Girls club of Santa Monica, Richie Velasquez’’s Inline classes (a whole roller hockey team came out to compete), and a SUPER acknowledgment to our 3 Pee Wee riders. Matt Mickey, from Intuition Skate Shop, once again announced and made the event extra special. THANKS MATT MICKEY for your continued Support. Photographer Jeremy Condamine, from ONE Magazine came out to photograph and recap the event. THANKS ONE! Thanks to the Judges: Rachard Johnson, David Jones, Alex Miranda, Richie Velasquez, & Mike Falcone.

Ok… Now on to the RESULTS!

Pee Wees

1st- India Velasquez

2nd- Matthew Duarte

3rd- Jaydan Velasquez

Beginners TOP 10

1st- Hyeveen Cho

2nd- Joe Lansden

3rd- Blake Olson

4th- Sean Kepler

5th- Austin Montgomery

6th- Sam Witert

7th- Ace McAfee

8th- Kevin Smith

9th- Eric Smith

10th- Jacob Lewis

10-15 Advanced TOP 10

1st- Jo Jo Velasquez

2nd- Jack Simmonds

3rd- Julian Budge

4th- Cameron Davis

5th- Isaac Alvarado

6th- Wyatt Tipton

7th- Jesus Leyva

8th- Oreo Ganibay

9th- Ajani Bryant Grysi

10th- Kall Graham


1st- John Jamieson

2nd- Will Mills

3rd- Zack Blevins

4th- Henry Tahhan

5th- Jesse Corollo

6th- Oscar Torrato

7th- Connor Garlick

8th- Swanson Adam

9th- Bill Hedrict

10th- Nathan Genda

11th- Camron Rutz

12th- Robert Rohlf

13th- Robert Rodriguez

14th- Adam Rodriguez

15th- David Windish

16th- Colin Jameson

17th- Abel Mendoza

18th- Antonio Esparza

19th- Jesse Perez

20th- Shane Kelly


1st- Ricky Rodriguez- *took home $200

2nd- Damon Franklin

3rd- Tyler Hester

4th- Byron Snatchywaters

5th- Shawn Rodriguez

6th- Scott Moffat

7th- Harbor Bickmore

8th- Kevin Trout

9th- Anthony Luna

10th- Alex Clifton

11th- Alex Miranda

12th- Chris Taylor

13th- Joey Jamie

14th- Tobias Holden

15th- Jason Ortega

16th- Michael Gare

17th- David Jenkins

18th- Chris Lorimer

19th- Anthony Armstrong

20th- David Rosado


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