The Amateur Inline league was founded in 2004 by Cory Miller, Pam Velasquez, & Richie Velasquez. The AIL started with 4 USA events in 2005 and is now the worlds largest Amateur Circuit. In 2009, The AIL will host over 15 USA events and 15 International events while ending its year with a weekend long World Championships event held at the premier skating facility Woodward West! There are over 50 school tours, clinics, & morning news segments scheduled this year, in the USA. The AIL will also be adding a Professional Female Pro Tour and a emphasis on Pro Vert skating. The AIL has aligned with the World Rolling Series to promote their focus on Professional Park Skating. The overall goal is to support a unified & professional industry so that our youth and our culture has strength, longevity, & life.

Mission: To provide a successful & professional amateur circuit where our up and coming amateur skaters, from around the world, have the opportunity to excel and grow within our sport. To continue increasing our sport numbers through educating kids on safety & the importance of being active and doing what you love to do! To unify our sport by providing structure and a unification process within our industry, so that all companies are able to unite & grow together.


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