2011 AIL World Championships – Complete Official Results

Beginner: 1st – Danielle Montgomery, 2nd – James Whelan, 3rd – Mason Sieber

10-15 Intermediate: 1st Julian Budge, 2nd Ethan Quinn, 3rd Austin Montgomery

10-15 Advanced: 1st Johanny Velasquez, 2nd Parker Richardson, 3rd Troy Porretta

16 & Up Intermediate: 1st Nathan Genda, 2nd Robert Rohlf, 3rd Phil England

16 & Up Advanced (Turn AIL Elite)
1st – Brett Urbas – Detroit, Michigan
2nd – Kazuho Kumazawa – Japan
3rd – Daniel Gorman – Dublin, Ireland
4th – Rick Rodriguez – Northridge, California
5th – Tony Rivituso – Las Vegas, Nevada
6th – Damon Franklin – Tehachapi, California
7th – Chris Calkins – Venice Beach, California
8th – Carson Starnes – Atlanta, Georgia
9th – Chad Tannehill – Taft, California
10th – Chris Napoleon – Las Vegas, Nevada

Vert: 1st – Hiroshi Minami, 2nd – David Jones, 3rd – Brandon Davis

Female: 1st – Aarin Gates ($100), 2nd – Fallon Heffernan, 3rd – Rosie O’Donaghue

Elite – $1,200 Cash Presented by Intuition and AIL
1st – Chris Haffey – $1,000 – Fakie 360 disaster true porn, gap to roll in/gigantic 540
2nd – Dave Lang – $100 – Bio up/bio down the Waterfall
3rd – John Vossughi – $100 – Topsoul Monster Mash coping to soul guard rail

Rollerblading icon Arlo Eisenberg presented the following awards:
*Kato Mateu with the 2011 AIL industry Recognition Award for his work with the WRS.
*Brian Aragon received the 2011 AIL Skater Recognition Award for his positive contributions to rollerblading in addition to his talent on blades.
*Arlo then presented the 2011 AIL Hall of Fame Award to Brian Shima. Shima now joins the exclusive AIL Hall of Fame group that also includes Randy Spizer, Chris Edwards, Arlo Eisenberg, Jon Julio, and Dustin Latimer.

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